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Video poker is an exceptionally simple game that is very similar to a standard high-volume poker game, except you are the only person participating. Because of this, instead of beating the other players, you simply need to develop a hand that is good enough. If your hand is high enough, you will win a payout that matches your stake.

How to play

To play video poker, you must press a series of buttons or, in the case of online video poker, click a series of buttons. The following are the basic buttons on a video poker machine and what they are used for.

Coin Value Button: This button is generally on the far left and tells how much each coin you insert is worth. The button is surrounded by two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right. Pressing the left button decreases the coin value, pressing the right arrow increases it.

Place one: Pressing this button places a coin in the selected denomination. If a video poker machine requires up to 5 coins, you can press this button up to 5 times to use as many credits as you want.…